A Love of Ink

As many of you know, I have a love of body art.  After having my first one aged 21, a chinese symbol which I share with my sister, my love of wanting beautiful designs showcased on my body started.  I always wanted a sleeve and I knew what I wanted to have but it took me about 8 years to finally find the perfect tattooist to make my ideas a reality.  Finding someone to really hone your thoughts into a work of art takes time and patience.  As you know tattoos are permanent and a massive decision so make sure you do your homework if you ever want one.

Each of my tattoos represents a different part of my life, good times and bad.  Some might say why do you want to remember the bad but to be honest they made me a stronger person which always serves as a reminder when things seem tough.  This post shows some of my tattoos so far, they may not be everyone’s cup of tea but it shows the variety of work I’ve had from basic ink to detailed art.  I found a great tattooist in my home town called Lucy, check out here Facebook page here Lucy Roadhouse Tattoos and Art and in the next few weeks, she’ll be adding to my sleeve which I am super excited about.

I have a few large pieces including my work in progress sleeve, my other is on my thigh which follows my flowery theme.  I have lots of little tattoos too including behind my ear, back of neck, tummy and feet.  Lots of people ask were they painful, I’ll answer that with yes and no.  Some places are more sensitive than others, mine were my feet and thigh.  My coloured tattoos were also more sensitive but I wouldn’t say any of them were unbearable.  Everyone is different and one person may find it more sensitive than others.

Tattoos are becoming more popular and so many more people have them today than don’t.  I believe society is becoming more tolerant and not so stereotypical towards people with tattoos which is great as not all people that want to show off their body art are undesirable.  I mean for certain jobs covering them up is a must but generally people don’t have the same attitude towards them as they did before.  I do get the odd question, will I regret them or what are they going to look like when your 60?  Well I say, if I worried about what I was going to regret in life then I’d have a very sad and boring life and if you can tell me what you are going to look like when you’re 60, please let me know and you can let me know the winning lottery numbers too!

Take a look at some of my tattoos here and let me know your thoughts on body art.

tattoosTheStyleSociety | Elsie Delilah
leg tattooTheStyleSociety | Elsie Delilah





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