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Since my last post and the #southwestbloggersmeet, I’ve been having a good think about how I’d love to define my blog and try to give my readers something a little different.  From the beginnings of my blog back when I ran Elsie Delilah Vintage my online vintage boutique, it had always been about fashion.  I love fashion and the meaning of it, how it makes you feel and what impact the industry has on the world.
My blog has blossomed nicely and I have included a range of topics including my new tattoos to beauty to independents brands but I think I’m stretching myself a little too thin.  Although I love all topics my focus and transition in the next couple of months is going to be primarily fashion but with a slight difference. 
My blog is going include supporting British fashion, new designers, industry news and topics, impact on environment and people and preloved fashion with the odd outfit of the week thrown in for good measure.  It won’t be totally mainstream as I love quirky designers and good old handmade goodies so there will be a fabulous blend of well-known and obscure topics thrown into the mix.

There are lots of blogs out there and many fashion ones but I’m hoping to generate some discussion and debate and make my audience aware of people and brands out there that don’t get a great deal of the limelight but totally deserve it.
It’s all going to be happening in the next couple of months so I’m kind of making a #blogmas/NY resolution early.  I can’t wait to explore the industry and hunt out fabulous new ideas and finds for my readers and I hope everyone will love the transition.
Keep checking back updates and keep your eyes peeled for the subtle but exciting changes.
Take a look at what I received today too, some fabulous freebies which I won and my sale items all from House of Wonderland’s flash sale a few days ago on facebook, all will be featured very soon.
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